Sunday, 6 March 2016

Before you can truly win, you must learn how to loose...

For those of you that aren't aware Conor McGregor is a MixedMartialArts fighter that has hit the headlines by being cocky, confident but more importantly able to back up his words once he stepped in the ring.... Things didn't go his way this weekend and this is how he dealt with it...TAKE NOTE!

I stormed in and put it all on the line. I took a shot and missed. 
I will never apologize for taking a shot.
S*** happens. 
I'll take this loss like a man. I will not shy away from it. I will not change who I am. If another champion goes up 2 weight categories let me know. 
If your tired of me talking money, take a nap. 
I'll still be here when you wake up with the highest PayPerView and the gate. Still talking multi 7's.
Thank you to the true support and f*** the hate that came out of the woodwork. I love it all. Its still steak for breakfast.
I've been here many times in my life in some form or another. I'll eat it all and come back stronger.
Aldo you are a p****. Dos anjos you are a p****.
When the history books are written, I showed up. You showed up on Twitter.
To the fans! Never ever shy away from challenges. Never run from adversity. Face yourself head on.
Nate I will see you again.

Im cocky in prediction, I'm confident in preparation, But always humble in victory or defeat - Conor McGregor

Monday, 29 February 2016

Derbyshires Days 3&4

Counties Weekend No.2
Showing that the previous week wasn't just a fluke, Team Rykneld delivered yet again.
A huge PB percentage of swims and excellent medal haul in comparison to recent years.

Shout to Andy Hopkinson, stepping up to win the sprint freestyle double (50m&100m) Quickest man in Derbyshire #GotToBeInItToWinIt

Meanwhile everything Kelsie Geary touched turned to gold, winning finals that where was less about time and more about how tough a swimmer you are.
Also unofficially a QT to the Winter national championships should they take a similar format to 2015.

Other finalists included Gracie Shepherd, And Sarah Holmes whoes close friendly  rivalry was put to the test as they went head to head, stroke for stroke on numerous occasions with both swimming lifetime bests.

Senior Adam Lievesley had a shakey start to his 50m freestyle campaign but came good in the final and stepped up to a Midland QT in the 100 Frs.

Kian Mills added to his Midland QT count and came scarily close to the 100frs...NEXT TIME!

Matthew Dunnachie and Tom Trueman smashed it up in the 50 freestyle with Trueman again hitting the midland QT and Matthew getting ever closer

Laura Mitchell Qualified for the 50brs final and showed technical progress.

Ryan Huddart Adding to his haul of midland times even entering the 1500 and smashing the QT.

Maisie Helps had one mission at the start of these counties and that was to place....not only did she hit it moments later she dropped another place to gain a 5th.

Caomi Green loving the sprint events and qualifing for multiple finals, showing she's getting back to form.

Jordan tried modernising the poolside by spelling her nail polish nearly stopping the gala, however some good tough finals was delivered showing signs of progress.

Further to this the following swimmers made up the 30+ Rykneld team with all swimmers gaining Pbs in one event or another.
Maisie Helps
Caomi Green
Kelsie Geary
Laura Mitchell
Sarah Holmes
Gracie Shepherd
Savannah Steinborn
Hettie Palethorpe
Charlotte Guest
Jordan Chawner Wright
Breesha Ward
Beth Hadley
Alisha Hurrell
Hannah Utting
Catherine Hoyalnd
Ella Judge
Abbie Dunnachie 

Daniel Ellis
Charlie Beckett
Isaac Helps
Ryan Huddart
Luca Tramontano
Kian Mills
Willam Nelson
Tom Trueman
Callum Judge
Matthew Dunnachie
Adam Lievesley 
Andy Hopkinson
Daniel Hoyland
Nathan Chawner-Wright
Joshua Pemberton

A special shout out to all the parents and supporters, our Team Managers Shelley Helps, Rebecca Hoyland, Tracy Watkins, Maddie Holmes,Stella Mitchell  Allan Green and Chris Geary you are appreciated.

Also our white officials and technical officials.

Frankie and Bennys after with 75 members of the team present, a great chance to let the hair down and relax with some fries and chocolate fudge cake.

We are more than just a team!

What an event ......Roll on Red&Black!!

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

After Counties Meal

Hi, due to the fantastic response to our 'After Counties' meal we have had to change the venue to Frankie and Benny's in Chesterfield.
As we have approx 60 people going Frankie and Benny's have asked us to provide them with our meal choices (starters and mains) no later than Sunday a.m. Could I therefore please ask that you look at their menu and let either Maisie, Andy or myself know your choice no later than the end of Friday eve session. 
Thanks Shelley 😊

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Derbyshires Day 2

Derbyshires Day 2
 Continuing the form from yesterday, Team Rykneld showed the county we are a team moving forward and returning to the clubs former glory days.

Session 4
13 new pbs were set with finalist in the following events:

Womens 50m Butterfly :
Kelsie Geary
Caomi Green
Jordan C.W
Maisei Helps (Reserve)

Boys 100m IM
Joshua Pemberton
Andy Hopkinson
Adam Lievesey
Matthew Dunnachie 
Luca Tramontano (Reserve)

Session 5
12 new pbs were set with finalist in the following events:

Boys 50m Butterfly:
Kian Mills

Girls 100m Freestyle:
Sarah Holmes
Gracie Shepherd
Kelsie Geary
Jordan C.W
Hannah Utting (Reserve)
Caomi Green (Reserve)

A big step up for Joshua Pemberton who in the 200m Brs lowered his best to 2:21.89 to claim Gold.

Huge congratulations to KIAN MILLS qualifying for his first midland championships in the 50m Butterfly with a Lifetime best of 35.48 seconds.


WHO WILL BE NEXT…………???????

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Derbyshires Day 1

Incredible start to Day 1 of the Derbyshire County Championships, Finalists across the board and multiple Gold medals, not to mention the sheer amount of PBs set.
Swim of the day has to go to Luca Tramontano for his 50brs effort qualifying for his efforts midland championships in Corby later this spring.

Roll on Day 2........